The Journey

We each have a life story and a perspective informed by our own experiences. We’re like the crystal decanter held up to the sunlight, beautifully refracting the light in a particular time and place. Little rainbows dancing on the wall. The blue is deep like the water in paradise. The purple is the color of the dahlias blooming in my garden. Together the colors unite to form bright white and give light to my path and understanding to my heart.

When I was a teenager, I heard Jesus say, “Except a man be born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of heaven.” I didn’t know what this meant, or how I could exchange my earthly man for something that was heavenly. But I wanted to see. And in that desire He planted the seed of His kingdom in my heart and the light exploded. It’s hard to describe what pure white looks like, but in that moment I experienced an instant knowledge that impacts deeply: God exists! there is no doubt. He’s with me. There is a transformation in my core from his acceptance and the promise of his unbreakable friendship.

I grew up as a Catholic. Sitting in Mass there were many moments I was keenly aware of the Spirit of God. Attending parochial school the nuns and priests provided many opportunities to consider spiritual things. As a young adult I experienced God in a fundamentalist, Pentecostal Bible church (often with white knuckles). While pursuing a degree in theology, I heard my Father’s voice in the Bible stories. I have found that He is not so concerned about the form my pursuit takes or what religious setting I’m in, but rather, he’s affected when he finds an open and seeking heart. To that He responds quickly and intimately.

This blog is my attempt to share the colors of light I see… to break my bread and share a meal with you. Please do the same and respond candidly. It’s the best way to have a conversation.

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